Tuesday, April 21, 2015

One More Time - RB Hilliard

One More Time

R.B. Hilliard

From the second Dillon Whitaker sets eyes on Isabella Fisher, he is captivated. 
After one night in her bed, he is consumed. 
In a moment of weakness, he walks away. 

Isabella throws away her moral compass for a night with Dillon. 
As he walks away, Dillon leaves Isabella with so much more than hurt feelings. He leaves her with unexpected consequences. 
When unforeseeable circumstances bring them back together, will misunderstandings keep them apart, or will they be given… 
One more Chance… 
To get it right… 
One More Time… 

My Review:
I first have to just tell you, how I came to know RB. I don't usually go to takeovers or I should say I didn't. Now I'm a bonafide takeover stalker for my authors. Anyways back on track. I first came to know RB at a takeover, never heard of her, didn't know what she was about. Wasn't sure if I would even like her books. I am so glad I did though. I won her paperbacks. Then I was like what is this series about, after looking her up I said yes ma'am let me one click this book right now. I couldn't wait for the paperbacks, so I bought all three e books, and there isn't a day that goes by that I am thankful enough to have become one of her biggest fans. I have read her whole series, and have been attached to Max, Gage, and now Dillon.

I didn't think I'd care too much for Dillon after reading pieces of him through out the first two books, but boy did he make me fall in love all over again in this series. He's guarded, he's an alpha, he'd do anything he could for his friends, and he's a protector.

After meeting Isabella during a gig. They click, they didn't expect it. Dillon runs away scared only to realize Ibby might just be his one. What he wasn't expecting was a person in Isabella's past to show him the wrongful truth. He leaves. Low and behold Ibby comes back to him with a new surprise in hand, and he's left questioning everything he thought he knew about her.

I love Isabella, literally she is the sweetest, kindest, and genuine character you could ever imagine having for Dillon. Every book RB writes is such an amazing continuation in her series. One click it now, I promise you wont be disappointed.

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