Monday, April 20, 2015

Not Letting Go by RB Hilliard

Not Letting Go
By: RB Hilliard

Piper O’Connell’s life is crumbling down around her. Broken and betrayed by the man she loves, she flees to the safety of North Carolina and the only people she can trust. When the man who hurt her comes knocking at her door, she is forced to face the fact that maybe she had it all wrong. 

Gage Blackwell wants to know why the girl of his dreams walked away. Searching for the truth, he follows her to North Carolina where, instead of receiving the answers he so desperately seeks, he is drawn into an intricate web of secrets and lies. 

Will the truth bring Piper and Gage back together or will it destroy them and the ones they love, once and for all… 

My Review:

Just when you think Max, has your heart. Move over for Gage, this man is your rough and tough motorcycle man, with the most gentle heart you could ever imagine. 

Piper is a feisty girl, and know's when she plays she plays for keeps. Lucky enough for her Gage is a one woman man. They love deep, they love with fierceness, a bond that they never thought could be broken. That type of love you only ever see happen once in a lifetime.

When Piper ups and leaves Gage without notice. He thinks it's for all the wrong reasons, what he doesn't know is that Piper is trying to protect the most precious thing in the world to her. Him.

Will these two find a happily ever after, or will there past come back to haunt them?

Seriously RB, seriously. I keep falling love with her characters. She keeps the excitement going, and there is never a dull moment. All of her characters build onto each other in every book. It's like a book family, and I love that I felt apart of it.

5 Stars

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