Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Release Blitz: Lost In Silence by Tracie Douglas


Lost from her family, friends and the life she once lived. Alice Michaelson is held captive in the dark silence that had become a nightmare. Until one night when the door to her prison is left unlocked and she flees.


Living job to job, haunted by his own set of demons, Hudson Rivers finds himself disarmed by a single glance and he vows to protect the shell of a woman hiding in his closet. But protecting her means keeping her close and that threatens the emotionless life he’s been careful to create for himself.

They both fight their growing connection...

Will they find themselves lost into a world of silence, afraid to let one another in?

Or will they submit to the power of fate and all that it throws at them?

***WARNING*** This book is intended for readers 18 years and older, it contains dark themes, explicit language and sexual content. 

"Don't go," I wish I could say more but my mind and my mouth failed me, trapping me in a loop, like a broken record.
"My name, precious. Say my name," he breathes in deeply and steps toward me. I'm stunned, his eyes are smoldering, setting fire to my skin with only a glance.
"Hudson," I whisper softly, his body shivers as his name passes from my lips.
"Louder," he commands, taking another step forward, stalking me like a predator after his prey. Each slow step is agony.
"Hudson," my voice louder and more confident, my body grows warmer, filling me with anticipation.
"Hudson," I breathe, loving the way it naturally rolls off my tongue. His large body stops mere inches from mine, electricity crackles between us.
His hand reaches for my hip, pulling me into him. I tremble, finding the heat of his body hypnotic. My arms wind around his waist and I look up at him, my breath caught in my chest. He lifts his other hand to my cheek and caresses it.
"Do you know how long I've waited to hear you say my name?" His fingers touch under my chin, lifting my face higher still. "Almost as long as I’ve wanted to do this."
Hudson's lips touch mine before I can blink and it’s blissful. His lips are soft against mine but they demand a response. I lift up onto my toes, pressing more firmly into him. I've never been kissed like this but then I’ve never wanted to be kissed this badly before.
My mouth moves against his, opening to him. He controls the intensity, licking and nipping at my lips before plunging his tongue into my mouth, invading my senses completely. I lean into him, as my body tingles with need, seeking pleasure in his lips.
I moan into his mouth, electricity tingles throughout my limbs, setting every nerve into overdrive. My thighs tighten, as the tingling intensifies at my cleft.
Oh my God...
Never felt anything like this, my mind screams and my body shudders. I resist the urge to wrap my legs around him and lose myself completely to him. He's the first man to ever make me feel how I thought a woman should feel when being kissing. It was life changing.

Tracie loves to read and write all things romance. Born, raised and living in southern California, when she isn't writing she loves to crochet (or yarning, as  her five-year-old calls it), playing video games and spending time with her family. She juggles her time between her husband, children, granddaughter, two dogs, one really fat cat and work. She'd love to hear from her readers! You can email her at traciedouglas.author@gmail.com.

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