Friday, April 17, 2015

His End Game- RB Hilliard

His End Game
By RB Hilliard


Ellie Davis has finally begun to mend the pieces of her shattered heart. With a new job slinging drinks behind the bar at Charlotte’s latest hot spot and a crush on her deliciously sexy bar manager things are finally starting to look up. 

New job plus new man equals the perfect anecdote to help Ellie forget all about bad boy Max McLellan…or so she thinks. 

This is Ellie’s journey and it isn’t always pretty. 

It isn’t always neat. 

It isn’t always happy. 

But it’s hers.

My Review

Where to begin, this book will literally have you in emotional whiplash in the best possible way. This series starts off with a young love that sees heartache and turmoil. You almost wish you could jump inside the book and gives these characters a hug.
Ellie has loved Max since the beginning of time, when Ellie and Max are ripped apart unexpectedly. Elle has a hard time believing he’s gone. She never gives up hope that Max is out there somewhere, and that they will one day get there happily ever after.
Max oh geeze this man is alpha to the top after dealing with his past. It’s his time to get his girl back, and boy does he do it in the best caveman way ever.  Once he sets his eyes on Ellie, he knows she’s his end game. His heart, and soul. But will Elli welcome him back into her life.

This is just the beginning of this amazing series. Each book is a stand alone, it does build onto every character in each book. I won’t lie after RB had me crying I wasn’t sure if I wanted to continue, but continue on I did. Boy I’m so glad I did. With every page I turned, it was like I couldn’t get more of Ellie and Max. I still want more!

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