Monday, April 13, 2015

Breaking Dragon-Jordan Marie



At one time, I had everything I wanted in life. Or I thought I did, but I lived in black and white. Then, he exploded into my world. Dragon.

He’s hot-blooded, cocky, stubborn as hell, and he drives me crazy. With him everything is more...It’s more vibrant, more exciting, more...real.

Suddenly I have everything to lose. In fact, I’m terrified that I might not be strong enough to hold on to it all. Because I’m learning with life, there are no hearts and flowers. Sometimes, there is just darkness. 

There’s one thing I know about life. You have to grab it by the throat and go at it full throttle.

Thrown away with the garbage on the day I was born, hooked on crack before I even take my first breath and doing what I had to do just to survive—

That’s who I am. 
I’m the filth your mother warned you about. 

The Savage MC is the only family I’ve ever had, the only ones I can depend on.
Then she walks into my life. Nicole. 
Nothing like what I expected, sassy, smart and sexy as hell. She’s everything I could want and more. 

Our worlds don’t mix. I’m only going to drag her down.
She should have never let me touch her…

Life can tear you into shreds, make you bend until you break.
Sometimes, you have to face death, so you can live.

My Review:

First let me just tell you how sweet Jordan and her PA, Jess are. I was lucky for Jess to message me and gift a copy of this book to me. I was totally stoaked, it's been on my tbr list for freaking ever. But life and bills get in the way. Anyways....I'm moving on I swear. 

Have you ever started a book and literally get sucked into it that you stay up till 1am because you just have to read it, and mean while you're pretty much highlighting the whole stinkin book because it's so hot hot hot, and the banter is spot on?! This was this book, and so I loved it so much I woke up after about 4 hours of sleep. Darn school for being back in session during this release week! Dropped the kids off at school and re read it again! I have never ever done that to a book. That's how much I LOVED IT!

Nicole the girl her parents decide is a lost cause if she doesn't do exactly as they say and her BFF Dani decide to move. On the way they stop and get gas and chocolate. And boy do they get chocolate, in the form of this hunky sex god Dragon. The president in the local MC club. Right away they start this funny, and outrageously sexy banter. Que getting sucked in...little does Dragon realize that Nicole is the girl that isn't up for a hit and quit it type of time.

Poor Nicole (well not really, you'll see that if you buy this book!) has no idea he is now her new boss at the bar she's working at. Dragon has set his eyes on his Mama (yes he calls her that, and yes it's with a pantie dropping voice) in the form of Nicole. But will he change his ways and keep Nicole as his or will he disregard her as he has all the others in his past.

Did I say I loved this book? Because I think I'm about to go re read it again, but I'll leave you with a quote from the book ;)

"Mama if you're trying to mold me into this perfect f***ing boyfriend, that's not who I am. I'm dark, I'm jaded and I like my sex dirty. I'm not going to say I'm sorry for being who I am. I like who I am baby, I ain't changing for no f***ing body."

If I could give this book a million stars I would! Thank you Jordan for being a sweetheart, sharing a piece of your heart in the form of this book, and sharing it with the world to read!

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