Monday, February 1, 2016

Cover Reveal: Lather by Nicki Rae


Title: Lather
Author: Nicki Rae
Genre: New Adult
Cover Designer: Colbert Creative

Emily Jenkins is a normal eighteen-year-old. She’s had the same friends since grade school.  Her family is supportive. She has Logan Moore. He’s her everything. Her best friend, her high school sweetheart and her confidant. When Logan decides he is going to college out of state while she finishes her last year of high school, her world shatters. 

Logan Moore dreams of being an engineer. A lineage passed down to him from many generations. The only difference is he doesn’t want to take the same route as his father and grandfathers. He has chosen to go to school out of state, leaving behind his family...and Emily. She has his heart and he is determined to make the distance between them work. 

Their world falls apart one weekend and neither of them know how to handle it. Too much time passes. Too much heart ache passes and before either of them know it, they are different people. When Logan returns for the summer, he decides he needs to set things straight with Emily. He needs her to know that she still owns his heart but before they can resolve their differences, tragedy strikes and their already shattered world crumbles into smaller pieces. 

Logan selfishly asks Emily to stay by his side and Emily selflessly agrees. At first, the tension between them makes Emily second guess the decision. But as time passes, she realizes that maybe it wasn’t so bad. Before she can tell him, tragedy strikes again and she regrets not telling him sooner as she isn’t sure she will have a third chance with him. 
Will their lives ever be the same?

Nicki is the author of The Perfection Series, soon to be re-released Lather and Broken Minds. She loves reading and writing romance with sprinkles of suspense and mystery. Please visit her Amazon author page for more information or stop by Facebook and say hello. 


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