Thursday, June 11, 2015

Review: Devastate by Xavier Neal

Xavier Neal


When Linguistics Specialist Jody "Lordy" Lord is forced back to his southern origins his mission is clear: Protect fellow team member, behavioral analyst, Jazz Wright,from the traitor they know is hunting them. While hiding out Lordy is forced to face the past he is running from and the future he is running towards. Unexpectedly, secrets are exposed and the truth is twisted from those he trusts. Will he be able to survive the destruction or die in the devastation? 

My Review:

Oh Lordy, Lordy, Lordy. This man has the southern drawl, the family, and the alpha package. What's not to love?!? Nothing I say. Jazz isn't what you expect as a team member, you may think she's this rough and tough lady, but really she's a wholesome woman underneath that doesn't always let her hair down.

When an assignment forces him and Jazz home. It's with so much reluctance. You would think your pulling all of Lordy's teeth out. No lie, but when the truth comes out. Maybe it will set him free.

Jazz and Lordy's chemistry is pretty off the charts. I can honestly say I didn't see there relationship working out. Especially with the atmosphere in which she takes her job to the highest degree.
4 Stars

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