Thursday, October 29, 2015

Release Blitz: Unlawful Seizure by Baylee Rose

Title: Unlawful Seizure
Series: Filthy Florida Alphas #1
Author: Baylee Rose
Genre: Contemporary Romance
 Release Date: October 29, 2015


Ruthless, Demanding, Wicked and Running from the Law.
He takes without asking. He doesn’t need to.


It was a routine parole hearing, until I get caught in the middle of a prison break.
Now I’m property of Max Kincaid, Florida Correctional Inmate Number 91428

I should be terrified.
I should be demanding my freedom.
Instead I’m begging him to deliver on all the wicked promises in his eyes.
The longer I’m with him, the more I need him.
His touch answers cravings I never knew my body had.
Now, all I crave is him.


My life ended years ago.
I have no right to touch Tessa. I should let her go.
I can’t. Instead, I lose myself in her body.
I’m living on borrowed time.
But when the devil comes to collect his due,
It will be with her taste on my mouth.
My brand on her body.
And her name on my lips.

This Book is a standalone containing one hot alpha and the woman who wants him even more than the cops chasing them both.
Contains Adult Situations and Not intended for readers under the age of 18. Guaranteed Happily Ever After inside, because every woman should have one.

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“Fuck,” he groans before he slides his fingers inside of me.

I want to say that woke me up, that I’m no longer in some lust-filled haze where I’m allowing a total stranger, an escaped criminal who is holding me hostage, to finger fuck me out in the open after just having spanked me. I would love to say that. I can’t. My head goes down and I groan at the feel of him sliding his fingers inside of me and stretching my walls. I haven’t been with a man in well over a year and just his fingers are tight, but it brings back memories of skin against skin, hot breath on my body, being filled by another person and being close to someone. They are all things that I’ve missed in the past year and none of those things my vibrator can bring me. Still, I shouldn’t be finding any of those things with Max. I should stop this before it goes any further, but I don’t get the chance. His fingers slide out of me and then his hand cups my pussy as he bends down to whisper in my ear.

“For however long this lasts, you will listen to what I say and obey me,” his harsh voice rumbles in my ear and it should scare me. It should infuriate me. Why do I feel the urge to do everything he tells me?

My Review

If I could express how much I love Mad Max and Tessa into a review this would be my words, it feels like I left a piece of my heart and soul with this amazing couple.

When Tess gets siddled with Max, she knows all about his case file. She knows he's handsome, that she could get him out of prison, and that he's more than just a number.

When Max see's Tess for the first time he can sense she's different. There's something about her that calls to his attention. 

When chaos errupts he knows its him that has to save Tessa, not worrying about himself, but knowing she's worth it. 

What they both don't know is if they'll survive this in the end. If all of this will be worth it, and if Max will make it back to her.

Holy amaze balls. It's hard to believe this is Baylee's first book, her words flow smoothly, the plot has twists and turns, has you on the edge of your seat, and not wanting it to end. 

The chemistry was explosive. While Max is trying to stay the distance, Tessa is there pulling him in further. Will the law tear them apart or will this cement them to each other

It's hard to believe there story is over, no literally I cried as The End. It was that phenomenal.

Author Bio

Baylee Rose is a small town country girl who loves everything about living in Florida. You will most likely find her on the beach watching the sunrise and letting her toes play in the sand.

She loves being surrounded by her husband and two children and spends her free time searching for a creative outlet, whether it's crafting, reading or writing. Baylee loves to hear from readers. You can always find her on her Facebook page.

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