Monday, July 20, 2015

Review: Hope Against Hope





One mistake - just one small mistake.
Who could have known it would cause so much damage?

The Hope family have always had each other. When tragedy strikes, the Hope siblings are forced to band together in their darkest moment, to protect what's left of their family farm.

But when the dark, mysterious, and dangerously sexy Beau Haggard comes knocking, the Hope brothers must face what they've always feared...

Beau Haggard is a rival. Beau Haggard is a danger. Beau Haggard is related to the prime suspect in the suspicious fires being set all over town.

Still, Beau Haggard is the only thing that their only sister, Georgia, wants above all else.

Will the sparks flying between Beau and Georgia destroy the only thing the Hope's have left - each other?

My Review

Its no surprise that every woman needs a little cowboy love in there life, and this book is on the top of my beach reads list. That book you need to get lost in while tanning at the beach and getting away from it all. Your own little paradise at paradise.

OH EM GEE! The prologue alone in this book will want you to devour it. I seriously thought the book was going to be based off a certain bad boy and Georgia. Then BOOM! It's not...but you get the ruggedly sexy cowboy, Beau instead. The one that rides a horse, takes care of the family farm, and rides bulls!

Georgia is your southern sweet thing. She's sweet, always taking care of others, but boy when you piss her off her "hell hath no fury like a woman scorned" comes out to play. Her brothers are all to aware of that when they decide to dictate her life

Beau never knew what he wanted could literally be staring him in his face. His past will resurface. Georgia's family may come between them, but will they fight for each other?

HOLY SHITE!!! This might be my favorite book of Honey's yet! I absolutely adore this book, and can not wait to see what the rest of the series will be like. 5 STARS!!

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